Scooping just got easier!

Buy LitterPal with 32 Quick-Bags

Smart, Simple Scooping

Smart, Simple Scooping

LitterPal Quick-Bags is the simpler, cleaner and greener way to scoop the litter box. Made of cornstarch instead of petroleum, Quick-Bags are an earth-friendly solution to a daily chore, and one that eliminates leaks, spills, odors, wasted litter and endless frustration.

Getting Started Is Easy!

Getting Started Is Easy!

Getting started with LitterPal couldn't be easier. Just give LitterPal a light squeeze to expand the box. Drop in the included Quick-Bags refill dispenser. Then, pull up a fresh Quick-Bag and you are ready to scoop! It’s that simple!

Tip: When you’re done, pull up a fresh Quick-Bag and use the LitterPal box to store your litter scoop, keeping it off the floor and away from household surfaces.

LitterPal Features

  • The Pop-Up Receptacle

    LitterPal is a simple, expanding receptacle that holds the bag open while you scoop, preventing spills, collapsing bags and other accidents.

    Just give flat LitterPal a quick squeeze to expand the box into its 3-D form.

  • The Bio-Bag Dispenser

    LitterPal uses Earth-friendly bags made of corn starch. We call them Quick-Bags, because they come in a unique tissue-style refill dispenser, so a fresh bag is always ready.

    Quick-Bags lock the odors in, don’t rip or leak, and smell great too!

  • The Scoop Holder

    LitterPal is also a convenient and sanitary place to store your scoop when not in use, keeping it off the floor and away from household surfaces.

    After scooping, deploy a fresh bag and place your scoop inside LitterPal.


Is LitterPal a new type of litter box?

No, actually LitterPal works in conjunction with your existing litter box to make scooping easier. The unique Quick-Bags that come with LitterPal are the perfect replacement for the plastic grocery bags and other improvised methods many people use to scoop the box!

How many bags come in a Quick-Bags refill dispenser?

Each refill dispenser comes with 25 bags, which is the average usage for a typical user in any given month. For users with more than one litter box, we recommend having an additional LitterPal system dedicated to each litter box.

Are your Quick-Bags biodegradable?

Technically, yes. Quick-Bags are fully compostable and made of cornstarch (ASTM D6400 or DIN EN13432 biodegradable plastic). However, since most users send their used litter bags to landfills, biodegradability would not apply in the usual sense. If you were to compost vegetable waste in the recommended way, Quick-Bags would meet that standard. In addition, LitterPal’s corrugated and/or paper-based components are all recyclable.

How can I get Quick-Bag refills?

You will be able to order refills from us on, or through selected partners. You can also subscribe to receive refill bags on your own schedule automatically, if you prefer. More good news: we do NOT charge for shipping!

Will LitterPal fit my scoop?

LitterPal Quick-Bags are sized to fit the largest available litter scoops on the market. Each bags will hold the typical output of two average cats per day (or one average cat for two days).

I have lots of cats, do you have a larger “professional” version?

We do not currently have a “pro” version (for accommodating many cats and litter boxes), however we are planning to introduce a new solution for you soon!