Meet the new LitterPal Quick-Bags!

Well, this is our very first update since we finished the new design for LitterPal. It's been a long, interesting journey to get here! We've taken the great feedback from users of the earlier LitterPal, made some much needed improvements, revamped some features, added new ones, and generally rebuilt everything from the ground up. Now we are ready to put it out there to the Kickstarter community, our beta users, early adopters, long time customers, bloggers and anyone who will listen. We're incredibly proud of the product and how far we've come. Now we need to get it made!

If you believe in our idea and and want to make your life a little bit easier, cleaner, and greener, please pre-register for the LitterPal Kickstarter here...

LitterPal Quick-Bags Starter Kit available on Kickstarter